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Commercial Safety & Security


Protect Your Building and What’s Inside

Glass doors and windows make an inviting façade, but they can also be a weakness in your building’s defenses. Add strength to your glass doors and windows with 3M™ Safety and Security Films.

3M™ Safety & Security Windows Films are designed to:

  • Improve personal and asset protection.
  • Help protect against flying glass and related injuries.
  • Deter smash-and-grab burglars.
  • Provide extra time for you to call 911.
  • Reduce hotspots, glare and fading.
Broken glass with safety film holding it together

3M Safety & Security Film Safety Series

This clear, single-layer polyester film is coated with a special adhesive designed to help hold broken glass together for improved safety and security.

  • Mitigates hazards from shattered glass
  • Adds protection against vandals and unwanted intruders
  • Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option
  • Offers enhanced security at an affordable price

3M Safety & Security Film Ultra Series

Made with multiple layers of micro-thin polyester film, these films are tear-resistant and energy absorbing.

  • Coated with a special thicker adhesive designed to help hold broken glass together
  • Superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events
  • Available in clear, tinted sun control and Night Vision
  • Maintains a high level of optical clarity over the years, even during extreme conditions
3M Safety & Security Film Ultra Series

3M Safety & Security Ultra Prestige Series

As 3M’s top-of-the-line impact and tear-resistant film, the Ultra Prestige Series combines the micro-layered, tear-resistant strength and energy absorption of the Ultra Safety Series with the superior solar control of the Prestige Sun Control Series.

  • Provides increased protection against breaking and entering and injuries from flying glass shards
  • Holds glass together in the event of a break-in
  • Rejects up to 97% of UV rays and 60% of solar energy to increase comfort and energy savings
  • Blocks heat and reduces hot spots by rejecting up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays
  • Designed not to change the appearance of your building, allowing up to 70% of the visible light through your windows

3M™ Safety & Security Film Ultra Night Vision Series

Combines the protection benefits of 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film with the solar control benefits of 3M™ Sun Control Night Vision Series films.

  • Enhances view with low interior reflectivity, especially at night
  • Holds glass together in the event of breakage
  • Tear-resistant for added protection against intruders
  • Protects skin and furnishing from up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays
  • Reduces glare, eye discomfort and up to 51% of solar heat
  • Saves money on cooling and heating costs
3M™ Safety & Security Film Ultra Night Vision Series
3M Impact Protection Attachment System

3M Impact Protection Attachment System

Get the highest level of protection for your building, office or business by combining Safety & Security Window Film with 3M’s Impact Protection Attachment System.

  • Bonds the filmed window to the frame, strengthening the hold of the film
  • Creates a robust window protection system that significantly outperforms window film-only installations
  • Has the strength to handle even a bomb blast

3M Privacy Film

What do people see when they look in your windows? Control the impression your facility makes with 3M Privacy Films.

  • Available in styles to suit your look, including White Matte Translucent Film, Blackout Film, Mirror Film and more
  • Can be applied to doors, windows, glass partitions and other glass surfaces
  • Adds privacy to your office space, limiting views into offices, secure areas, storage sites, back offices, or areas under construction
Before 3M Privacy Film


After 3M Privacy Film


3M Anti-Graffiti Film

If your building is located in an area where graffiti is an issue, 3M Anti-Graffiti Film may be the solution you need to expensive glass replacement.

  • Protects glass windows and doors against most scratches, acid etching, gouges and tagging
  • Offers an invisible sacrificial layer that can be easily removed and replaced at far less expense that replacing the glass
  • Available in 4 mil single layer clear film for good basic protection or 6 mil multi-layer clear film for increased protection for higher risk areas
  • Can also be used to protect other glass surfaces from wear and tear